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Wassup Reviews.com

Hello lovelies!!! Wassup wassup! Xmas is just around the corner and that literally mean that the shopping season has officially begun. Yes gifting season is the best season to shop like there’s no tomorrow because you definitely have a very valid reason to spend. Gifts for your niece, nephew, mum, dad, brothers, sisters and not forgetting, your doggy(of course they need a gift too, they are part of the family after all duh AKA another reason to spend). But well, shopping is never a easy task. The need to buy something that is best for everyone else is way more difficult than buying for yourself don’t you think so? The agony of choosing between brands when it comes to buying a single item is just a pain in the neck. That is especially true when you haven’t even had the chance to try the product that you are thinking of getting. Take it that if you are buying a bottle of hair loss shampoo for your balding uncle but you wouldn’t know which brand is the best unless you tried them before. BUT, why would you have tried them when you are not balding at all. Dilemma ttm (IKR).

OK now comes the solution. Me being a self confessed shopaholic would constantly find solutions to my shopping dilemma. And that is doing PLENTY of research before carting your items and when i say plenty, i mean reading at least 20 blogs at a time (SRLY)! That is only if you have the time and energy and enough interest to read them all (and not forgetting that you are buying these gifts not for yourself, but everyone else). Are you feeling motivated still? Well it instantly drains my energy just thinking about it (especially when its not for my narcissistic self).

But don’t be disheartened just yet! Because there is something amazing out there. And I’m not gonna be selfish about this. And that is………(drums rolling)………….. REVIEWS.COM!!

Erm ok you must be saying ‘excuse me, who haven’t heard of it’. But let me explain!!

Do you want someone normal (just like someone who occasionally have too many burgers or loves to go braless at home or just hate washing the dishes) like you or me to;

  1. Read all the reviews (aka >20 blogs)
  2. Test shortlisted products (like literally become a white mice)
  3. Tell you what is important to you and what is not (let you know that not everything you see are true/important)
  4. And finally but most importantly, give an honest review and not write a sponsored post just because they are paid to do so (i think it is hard to come by nowadays)

Ok REVIEWS.COM does all these, and they take you to the product directly (i mean online shop duh) and of course, you can buy it on the spot! Isn’t it convenient? *Hooray to online shopping*

If you are not convinced yet, go read them!! But do remember to control your spendings along the way, it may get addictive (don’t say i didn’t warn you).

Here are some articles that got me thinking (aka buying the items);

The Best Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo

The Best Mascara

The Best Foundation

The Best Sunscreen



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‘Off the shoulder + Denim shorts + Furla bag’ kinda day

'Off the shoulder + Denim shorts + Furla bag' kinda day

It’s been awhile since i last updated my blog. But no, i haven’t forgotten about my blog! I just started my new job 3 months ago and i have been rather busy lately. However, that did not stop me from trying to enjoy my life and doing massive online shopping to fill up my wardrobe (HAHAHA i don’t really need to actually).

And i think you have already guessed (from my picture) that i went to the Universal Studios Singapore. I was there yesterday and i had a blast! Despite going there the third time, i still enjoyed it a lot. And the best thing was getting to  try out a new ride (aka the puss in boots ride). Well it did look underwhelming from outside, but it was much faster than expected. I mean i did scream a little, but definitely not as bad as the battlestar galactica (i felt giddy just by looking at it from afar, LOL).

'Off the shoulder + Denim shorts + Furla bag' kinda day

Ok let me talk about what i wore yesterday. I was expecting the weather to be really sunny and hot (but it turned out to be cloudy and cooling), thus i decided to go for this navy coloured off the shoulder top from KIN (where they have really cheap and easy-to-match clothing) and a pair of denim lace shorts from Forever 21, matching my outfit with my beloved yellow Furla bag (which i deemed as a great buy from their outlet store in italy, it cost me only SGD$99!!). As comfy is the priority for this trip, i decided to complete my outfit with a pair of sandals from Steve Madden. There you go, a simple and comfy outfit for a day in USS. Definitely not an instagrammable outfit but at least it fits the purpose and still looks acceptable!

To end off, i shall present you a selfie of myself on the Madagascar’s carousel (sitting on Marty). LOL


Off the shoulder top + denim shorts + furla bag

Ciao Ciao!

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Tips and Tricks for Online Shopping

Online shopping is convenient, fast and easy to access. So Im pretty sure majority of us have tried doing online shopping at some point in our life at least once. And yes, it is more common and safe, but let’s not forget that there are definitely some kind of danger (aka risk), as well as more special deals (aka discounts) involved during online shopping. Since it is rather difficult to avoid online shopping (after you have turned into an addict), why not shop smart? Join me on this quest to shop hard and shop smart now!

1) Always check out for any first-time purchase discount code

Yes most of the online stores offer that! And usually it will range from 10%-20% off, or simply cash voucher that are claimable upon check out. Or rather, you will need to subscribe them (and by subscribing to them, they are allowed to send you promotional emails) to get the discount code for first time purchase. Either way, it is a win win situation, you get your price off on the items you want, and you get to have first hand information when they have new arrivals or special discounts exclusive for subscribers. If you like their range of items, I’m sure you will want to check back for other offerings as well. So why not?

2) Check their shipping rates and conditions

Well, i will usually check their international shipping charges and minimum before i even proceed to look at their items. This is important (if you usually do international shipping) because it will allow you to have an overview of the overall price that you will be checking out (your item(s) + shipping + any additional fees). And it is critical to know because if the shipping rates are high (e.g. $20 for international shipping), the value of the item that you are going to purchase will be more expensive than what you will consider a ‘good deal’. Thus, it may be better if you could find another online store that offer free international shipping (e.g. ASOS) or simply check out your local retail shops.

3) Read reviews about that online store or the items 

Sometimes, it is hard to determine the credibility of the online store (since it is considered virtual) and if the product that they are selling matches the price you are paying. Especially when you are dealing with money online (via credit card), it is extremely crucial to note that your details are secured. If you can’t find any reviews about the online store, then the next best option is to look out for any kind of review on items that they are selling (in their own site). This could be reviews written by customers in their site under each product. Read through and see what are some of the problems they faced and the feedback on the quality of the product etc (well it is good to know what others been through so you don’t have to go through it as well). The more reviews that the product have (when there are both good and bad reviews), the more credible they will be. And also look out for photos that customers tagged or uploaded. It will give more assurance of the reviews and reviewers.

4) Check out the sale section 

You may be surprised to know that there are plenty of good deals at the sale section, including items that look great and are heavily discounted. Sale section usually comprises item that are out of season or are previously priced too high (thus lesser purchases made) or are items that do not have much available sizes left. If you are too lazy to go through pages and pages of items that do not have your size, do go to the filter section to filter out your size, preferred colour etc. That will enhance your efficiency when looking out for good deals (that is the perks of buying online since it is less messy and more desirable to shop sale section). In addition, online shops tend to offer sale on sale (additional sale on top of the sale) during times when they want to clear their stock fast and it is a great avenue for consumers who are looking out for a good deal.

5) Place your items in the ‘wish list’

You really like many items but you are just not ready to buy them all? Yes i believe many of us experienced that. The ‘angel’ in our head will tell us NO even before we proceed to the check out counter. Thus, that is when the ‘wish list’ comes in handy to save our items so we can go back to them some other time to maybe purchase them? It is really useful as you will not have to go through the entire product list again to search for the same item when you are ready to purchase it. And in times of sale (eg. storewide sale for a limited time), you are all ready to go for it on the items that you are eyeing on for the longest time. It saves you the hassle and you will also have more time to go through the new items before the sale expires. You are also able to monitor price drop for your desired items easily. So why not? Make full use of the ‘wish list’ so you will save more $$ for next purchase. *high five*


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