Why online shopping is the next big thing in 2016!!!

Why online shopping is the next big thing in 2016!!

Happy new year everyone!

Im sure your friends and family will be asking you what is/are your new year resolution for the year of 2016. Well, one of mine would be to save more $$ by doing online shopping. That may sound rather oxymoron, but it can be totally true because things are generally cheaper online due to the redundancy of a shopfront blah blah blah….. I guess I’m just finding excuses for myself to do more shopping! HAHA

Im sure everyone who are reading this have done some sort of online shopping, from clothing, to accessories or electronic items. As long as you have the following; laptop/computer/smartphone/tablet + internet + an item in mind (it can really be anything!), you can shop anytime and anywhere! The amazing thing about it is that even when you have literally no intention of buying anything before doing the online shopping, but may possibly be checking out with an item at the end of the ‘online shopping trip’. It is because online shopping is EASY, FAST and CONVENIENT!

We basically use our sense of sight to judge and deduce quickly, thats is why online shopping is so successful. Online shopping is done virtually and is intangible, which are supposedly undesirable qualities when it comes to spending our hard earned money on. However, over the years, technology change, people change, and our mindset change which makes online shopping so much more desirable.

We are promised safer payment methods, we are undeniably lazier and more impatient (that’s why technology is advancing to ease our ‘inconvenienced’), and the fact that there are countless successful cases of online transactions making us even more susceptible to them even though we know that there are risks involved. It is amazing how people can be influenced so quickly by each other. Online shopping is spreading so quickly just like an unavoidable epidemic flu.

As a self-confessed avid online fashion follower, one of the most successful online merchant in the aspect of female fashion in the US would be Revolve Clothing. They entice people, or rather me, with stunning graphics of eye catching images that will instantly hook me up. The ever changing display of bountiful collection of clothing that are worn by famous bloggers with photos of themselves taken at the perfect timing infront of the gorgeous backdrop just leaves online shoppers wanting more.

It instantly ignite the desire in the person into wanting that piece of clothing so badly that is rather hard to resist (at least that’s what i experience..haha!). The fact that the piece of clothing is totally out of reach from the person sitting infront of the screen just makes everything seems more perfect, enabling the imagination to run wild, thinking that the piece of clothing will fit their body exactly like how they see it on screen (with the gorgeous backdrop too).

The abundance usage of the sense of sight works perfectly here by enticing buyers to make rash decision, checking out items that are carefully marketed to be popular and gives the impression that it will be out of stock fast.

There are too many times when i am deciding if i should check out an item for too long that it gets sold out in that instance. The feeling of immense disappointment and regret left me running wild internally but changes my mindset in a way that didn’t happen when i physically shop in stores. I am more determined to grab that merchandise quicker next time, spending less time on the decision process. They succeeded in drawing me back to the future launch of their new items which then makes purchasing even more enticing every single time.

It is undeniably more exciting to shop online (at least for me), knowing that you can access it anytime anywhere, even when you are in your ugliest pyjamas. No pesky store keepers to follow you around the stores asking you every single questions that could possibly ruin you moment in the store which in turn may just make me head straight to the exit. However, with online shopping, you are able to take your time to compare between different online store’s offerings, ask for opinions from people around you or just simply whatsapp the photo to your friends to ask for their opinion. Isn’t it all too convenient and easy?

Well, for people who have yet to try online shopping, what are you waiting for? Just make sure you have your credit or debit card with you and you are good to
go! However, I gotta warn you that it is hard not to get hook along the way.

Good luck guys and girls! May the discount be ever in your favour.

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