5 reasons why I LOVE Sephora!!

5 reasons why I LOVE Sephora!!

Yes i love Sephora a lot and I am so grateful that they are around (in Singapore too) so I can shop for all the ‘to-die-for’ beauty products at one stop. Therefore, I have decided to share with you girls why I love Sephora so much so you can benefit from Sephora as much as i do! Good things are meant for sharing isn’t it? *wink wink*

1) They have all the beauty products you need

From makeup base, to blusher, to shampoo and many more, you can literally get all the beauty products by just visiting Sephora. And trust me, I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone, and yes, guys are no exception as well (i meant products for guys, not male models)! Whenever there is a need to restock my beauty products, the first place that comes to mind will be Sephora. I usually purchase my Bamboo shampoo, Bamboo conditioner (they are really good for frizzy hair), Benefit’s Porefessional, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and mascara (review here), Urban Decay Concealer, blusher and eyeshadow palette, 3CE lipstick (review here) and many more from Sephora. Shopping in Sephora becomes so much more efficient and convenient when you want to compare and choose a product among all the available and outstanding brands (not to mention their own low-cost Sephora brand as well). All in all, Sephora really provides an effortless shopping experience.

2) You can shop Sephora online now

They have an online store now! Hooray!!!! When you are too lazy or tired to go out and face the world, but your products are running low, this is the time when online shopping comes in handy. Just a few clicks on your laptop and the products are on their way to you, even without you stepping out of your house. The best thing is they offer free shipping as long as you make SGD$40 worth of purchases (which is rather reasonable in exchange for all the precious time needed to travel there and to carry them back). So what are you waiting for? Shop online to beat the crowd now!

3) They know what you need even before you know it

And by that, I mean they bring in brands and products that I didn’t know I would ever need it or be so obsessed with. They are literally educating me on every step of my makeup and beauty routine. I would still be using mascara from Maybelline and shampoo from Watson (not that they are not good, but Sephora offers so much more choices) if I had not been exposed to Sephora. And they are quick to ride onto the Korean wave by offering brands such as 3CE (I love their products so much) in their stores even before I know that it would eventually become a necessity in my makeup routine. Thus, follow them and your beauty necessities will be complete.

4) They have awesome loyalty program

For the Black Sephora card holders (when you have a accumulated spendings of $250), you will get a 10% off (for next purchase) for every $250 spent. You are actually being rewarded for making purchases in their stores. Unlike other loyalty programs, you can actually get instant cash rebates instead of exchanging points for products. It is much easier for shoppers to understand and fully utilise their well deserved benefits. If you don’t have the habit of keeping track of your points, don’t worry, because they will always inform you (if you have the 10% off voucher) on the spot while you are making payment. For more information check out here.

5) They are always armed with product samples 

Well, you may not know this, but they actually have many samples that are placed behind the payment counters which you can request for. I discovered it while i was making payment and randomly ask for any available samples, and i got a mini bareMineral’s foundation. So don’t be afraid to ask for samples because you never know which star products you will get to try. Check out their samples here.



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