5 Fashion Apps we really need right now!

5 Fashion Apps we really need right now!

Alright, you must be thinking what other technologies we really need now since everything is already so advanced. Like seriously, how lazy can we get to have all sorts of technologies surrounding us, or even replace us in the work place. Oh gosh, it sounds bad but it is true. Self-driving cars, robots, live translation tools, 3D printers and many more. Are we being over reliant on technologies? Wow that sounds like a major question to answer to, but before we come to a conclusion, can there be someone who can come up with these technologies first? Haha!

1. An App that can Shazam an outfit

Since we can technically shazam a plant now, why don’t they include outfit as well? Tell us which brand or boutique it is from by just Shazam-ing people’s outfit with our app (on the street or on the internet). I know Instagram have provided a convenient solution to check out the source of clothing on Instagrammers just by checking out who they tagged, but seriously, they don’t always do that. Thus, this calls for extreme actions, and i believe shazam could help (pleaseeeee?).

2. An App where it can configure our actual body size and shape virtually so we can ‘put on’ clothes virtually

Don’t get it? Let me explain. You will need some imagination though. What if there is an app that allows us to input our body statistics and ‘build’ an actual figure (true to our body shape) in it, something like Sims characters but better. In addition, we can actually ‘copy and paste’ the picture of the clothing from online stores onto our body to see if the clothing actually fit us. It will lessen the hassle of exchanging and returning online clothing that don’t fit us. This may be a little too much to ask for but wouldn’t it makes online shopping so much more enjoyable and interesting?

3. An App which will alert us when our favourite boutiques or clothing are having a discount

Who doesn’t like a good discount? And the purpose of having sales is to attract people to visit their store and to grab all the clothing before the boutique start selling at a lost, or even discard them. So, it is a win-win situation isn’t it? The more attention it is given, the better the result of the sales will be.

4. An App that allows us to check the availability of an item in other outlets on the spot 

Have you ever experience a situation when you found something that you absolutely love but only to be told that it is out of stock? Trust me, it is truly devastating. And it becomes such a hassle to check with the other outlets on the availability of that item, oftentimes, sales assistant will have to call every single outlet to check. Oh come on, we are in 2016 and we still have to do that manually? The app should have the ability to reserve the item in another store for at least 24 hours too so we can make our way to the respective outlet to purchase it. It is a win-win situation for the consumers as well as the businesses isn’t it? *wink wink*

5. An App that can produce the drawings of clothing instantly by just talking to it

Think of it like SIRI on iPhone. This app could help to produce sketches or even 3D pictures of a clothing on the spot, without a pen or paper. It will enable designers to pin down those sudden inspirations, no matter where you are (even when you are in the toilet. Haha!) by just talking into the mic of your phone while the app is on. This will save so much time needed to sketch out the whole collection of clothing (and it gives a visual effect to a preliminary idea) and hopefully it can expedite the launch of new batches of clothing.


Well, with the rapid advancement in technology, i guess these will not be difficult to achieve in the near future. Just sit back and be amazed by what technology could do to impact our lives (in a good way i mean). Hopefully technology will not make us become lazier, instead we should fully make use of it to make our lives and work become much more efficient.

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