Hack : Start saving money by shopping at these 5 stores!

Hack : Start saving money by shopping at these 5 stores!

Have you ever experienced the constant feeling of having ‘nothing to wear’ every single time you open your wardrobe even though you may actually have a wardrobe full of clothes (that risk collapsing if you add more to it)? I know i do all the time. Girls just get bored of wearing the same old clothing every time, especially when we have to choose their outfits 6-7 times a week (including days for work and days for shopping). It is actually rather exhausting and depressing to know that you can’t choose the right outfit for the day (we all dress to feel good isn’t it? or maybe just me). And since there is a saying that ‘life is too short for ugly/bad clothes’ , i knew i had to find a solution or an end to this. And i am going to tell you the perfect solution now (after 20 years of shopping experience), and save money at the same time. These 5 sites offer clothing at an extremely affordable price without sacrificing the quality, thus saving money along the way (just think of it as having expensive clothing at a lower price). Feeling excited? Yes i guess you should (YAY!).


Hack : Start saving money by shopping at these 5 sites!

Shein.com offers a wide selection of clothing and they update their new selection almost daily. You can find many pieces of clothing that are runway inspired at a very affordable price. In addition, their minimum amount for FREE international shipment can be as low as $30 (which is equivalent to one piece of clothing). The best thing about shein.com is that there are many reviews written for most of their clothing, thus you can be assured of the quality or condition before purchasing them. They are constantly on 40% discount thus reassuring that you are getting the best price possible.

Price Range : SGD$10 ~ SGD$65

International shipping : Yes. Free with minimum spending of USD$30 

Delivery time : Within 3 business days



Hack : Start saving money by shopping at these 5 sites!

You must be thinking ‘i know this’ right? Yes they are so famous i guess i don’t have to introduce much. But surprisingly, not until recently that i got hooked onto Forever21. I think the main reason why is because they lost me halfway (after i went past the 21 age mark), when i was transitioning to high street brands like ZARA and Topshop. However, having seen many Instagrammers wearing their outfit (from head to toe), i started to revisit them and found that they actually have a very good selection of clothing that are very affordable (thus allow me to save money). Just by looking at the dress from the picture above, you can tell that their clothing actually look quite awesome.

Price Range : USD$5 ~ USD$50

International shipping : Yes. Or just simply check out your local outlets

Delivery time : 10-16 business days



Hack : Start saving money by shopping at these 5 sites!

Alright alright, yes i know this is another famous brand that you know too well. But i can’t help it but to also include it into this list because it is essential for you to know H&M if you want to save money. They have a wide selection of clothing as well, and having many famous models to model for them and still be priced at an affordable pricing is quite rare in the fashion retail scene. As you can seen in the picture above, their blouse is reasonably priced at only SGD$24.90. If you were to shop at ZARA, it would have easily cost you SGD$49 instead (for almost the same quality and style). Thus, what is there not to love about H&M?

Price Range : SGD$2 ~ SGD$89

International shipping : Not available in Sg



Hack : Start saving money by shopping at these 5 sites!

Zalora is a great place to look out for great deals and discount. They have many brands ranging from Topshop to Miss Selfridge to budding Singaporean brands. Zalora is a great place to find bargains and you get to have an overview of many brands at just one site. The best thing i like about Zalora is that they will send you an email when the item that you are eyeing on (or being put in your shopping cart but ‘forgot’ to check out) is on a discount. Such move means that consumers could actually ‘save’ money while getting the clothing that they want for the longest time.

Price Range : SGD$9.90 ~ SGD$109

International shipping : No. Delivery only available on local online sites 



Hack : Start saving money by shopping at these 5 stores!

Akagu is a new shopping concept, and one that you should definitely love. At Akagu, you can shop at the price you want. Wait… What do i mean by that? Yes, just wait for the price to drop (to the amount that you think is reasonable to buy at) and bid for it! The fastest finger wins. It is just so simple. There will be a dedicated time frame where the price of the clothing will drop and all you have to do is bid and enter your payment details, and sit back while Akagu handle your order. I purchased from them recently and i will be writing a full review of my experience with Akagu soon! Stay tune because Akagu is simply too good to be true.

Price Range : Starting from the actual retail price ~ may be up to 90% off 

International shipping : Yes 

Delivery time : Depends on the merchant 


Do let me know if there are other stores that fit into this category so we can all ‘save’ money together! Thank you for reading and stay tune for my post on my reviews on Akagu!

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