My Akagu Experience

My Akagu Experience

Wait for the price to drop and bid it! That is so simple. Don’t get it? Let me explain…

What is Akagu? 

Akagu is one-of-a-kind online retailer (that is based in Australia) which allow customers to purchase items at the price the customer decide/want. Price of the item will drop continuously for a limited time period and all you have to do is to bid on the item when you think the price is right and check out. Ta Dah! All you need to do is to wait for your item to arrive at your doorstep (and yes, they do international delivery as well).

What brands do they feature?

Australian fashion labels. Check out their current brand collaborations here.

Are the events permanent? 

Unfortunately no. Akagu will inform customers of an active event in advance, which last approximately 9 hours (usually from 12-9pm Australian time) for 3 days. Akagu will inform customers via email, Instagram, Facebook etc before the launch of the event thus no one will miss out on the good deal! Just make sure you mark your calendar!

It is too good to be true, can i trust it? 

Absolutely YES! I felt the same way initially but decided to participate in the event nonetheless (because they featured one of my favourite brand) and i got my item at approximately 60% off the original price (I’m serious!). I received my item within 3 weeks (i am in Singapore btw) and am hooked to Akagu ever since!

Ok, so how can i access Akagu?

Just click here. Do remember to sign up and log in before bidding to ensure that your bidding is being secured and went through successfully.


By far, Akagu is the only retailer (that i know) that operates in this business model and i think that it is a fantastic idea for customers (us!). Who wouldn’t like a good deal or discount, especially on items that we have been eyeing on for weeks (or months).

Well, still find it hard to believe? Well then, read on and follow me through on my Akagu journey below. Just continue scrolling on!


This is the first page that I saw when I entered the website during the event. 

My Akagu Experience My Akagu Experience

Remember to sign up! Signing up after bidding may affect your chances of a successful bidding. 

My Akagu Experience

These are the items that i was eyeing on! As you can see, the hanger backless shirt’s price had already dropped from $70 to $53.12. 

My Akagu Experience My Akagu Experience My Akagu Experience

And yes, as a typical Asian (who loves discount), i continued to wait for the price to drop further.

My Akagu ExperienceMy Akagu ExperienceMy Akagu Experience

And yes! At the final minute of the price drop (OMG IT IS $28.39😱), i decided to bid on the hanger backless shirt (bidding button is below but make sure you choose your size first). And yes i got it at AUD$28.39. By this time, I’m overwhelmed by what Akagu can offer and i seriously can’t wait to receive the item. 

Now just fill in your payment and delivery details and ‘sit back and relax’ while Akagu do the remaining work for you. And btw, there is a 10% off on your first purchase! 

My Akagu Experience

And after 3 weeks…….. 

My Akagu experience

Now that I’m hooked on Akagu, i think you should too! Good things are meant for sharing😜. Sign up now so you wouldn’t miss any of their event! Calling all ladies, now is the time to add new clothing to your wardrobe and I’m sure your wallet will thank you for that!

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