3 Hair Products to tame your frizzy tresses!!

Im sure i am addressing a concern that many people are facing, especially woman with long hair. Dry and frizzy hair is just so irritating isn’t it?! Arghhh… Some people are just blessed with long luscious locks, flowy and mess-free and i am so jealous of them! Good genes matters here right? I love long hair, but the thought having split ends and them being extremely brittle just turns me off. How i wish there are some miracle products that would just do magic to my long, dry and frizzy hair.

AND……. Yes i found them (by chance)! Look no further because i have complied you this ultimate list of hair products that i have tried and tested, and they are still doing wonders to my hair! Just 3 simple products and that’s all you need! So are you ready to redominate that precious locks of yours?

1) Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner

3 Hair Products to tame your frizzy tresses!!

Ok, lets start with the basics, the shampoo and the conditioner. When it comes to hair, having a good shampoo and         conditioner beats having a treatment at the salon on a monthly basis. But why? Because you shampoo your hair daily (i live in a tropical country so i gotta do that) and that is when your hair gets to be nourished and be maintained. Shampoo is not just used to get rid of dirt from your hair, but it is primarily used to get rid of excess dirt and oil built up on your scalp (so do massage the shampoo gently onto the scalp), but not stripping the natural oil and moisture from your tresses. Thus, it is very important to use one that does not make your hair become drier after each wash. And yes, please use the conditioner. You gotta replenished the hair with some moisture that is lost along the way, all the more so if you do lots of sports or is constantly under the sun (sun is the major cause of having dry hair). So, get a good one! Good shampoo and conditioner goes a long way and it will maintain as well as improve your hair day by day. Do not undermine it! And Bamboo shampoo and condition is the product that i swear by. So do give it a try!


2) Moroccan Oil Treatment 3 Hair Products to tame your frizzy tresses!!Next, after you have washed off the conditioner, it is time for some moroccan oil treatment. I generally use it while my hair is still wet because i have an oily scalp so applying on wet hair will prevent my hair from looking too oily after i blow dry my hair. Moroccan oil is like the elixir of dry and frizzy hair, it really does magic to my hair! The result is almost instant, making my hair smoother and straighter, taming my frizzy hair really well. Just use 1 or 2 pumps (depending on the condition of your hair) and apply it on your hair evenly, but try to avoid areas near your scalp (you wouldn’t want your scalp to be oily right, same goes for conditioner). One bottle of this Moroccan oil treatment goes a long way and it is definitely worth your investment!


3) Stylearomatherapy Leave-In Moisturizer Cream Moroccan Argan

3 Hair Products to tame your frizzy tresses!!

I have heard so much about Stylearomatherapy’s products but i have yet to use them until i saw it on Redmart recently, when they started launching in Singapore. I didn’t thought much of it when i bought it, but it really does wonders to my hair unexpectedly. I use it on dry hair, be it after blow dry or when i am styling my hair before i head out. It tames my hair instantly too, just like the moroccan oil treatment. Using this is like an additional treatment to my extremely dry tresses. And it is extremely affordable, at just $17 for 400ml (you can get it here), it can last you for a few months! Just pump out a little (the size of a 10cent coin) would be enough for 1 application. Try not to apply it near your scalp too. I wouldn’t leave my house without applying it first. Yes, it is that good!


There you go! If you follow through with these products on a daily basis, you will see the results as quick as within 1 week. It can definitely save you a lot of money from going to the salon for expensive hair treatment. So, cheers to long luscious locks and goodbye to the ever dry and frizzy hair!



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