5 Fashion Apps we really need right now!

5 Fashion Apps we really need right now!

Alright, you must be thinking what other technologies we really need now since everything is already so advanced. Like seriously, how lazy can we get to have all sorts of technologies surrounding us, or even replace us in the work place. Oh gosh, it sounds bad but it is true. Self-driving cars, robots, live translation tools, 3D printers and many more. Are we being over reliant on technologies? Wow that sounds like a major question to answer to, but before we come to a conclusion, can there be someone who can come up with these technologies first? Haha!

1. An App that can Shazam an outfit

Since we can technically shazam a plant now, why don’t they include outfit as well? Tell us which brand or boutique it is from by just Shazam-ing people’s outfit with our app (on the street or on the internet). I know Instagram have provided a convenient solution to check out the source of clothing on Instagrammers just by checking out who they tagged, but seriously, they don’t always do that. Thus, this calls for extreme actions, and i believe shazam could help (pleaseeeee?).

2. An App where it can configure our actual body size and shape virtually so we can ‘put on’ clothes virtually

Don’t get it? Let me explain. You will need some imagination though. What if there is an app that allows us to input our body statistics and ‘build’ an actual figure (true to our body shape) in it, something like Sims characters but better. In addition, we can actually ‘copy and paste’ the picture of the clothing from online stores onto our body to see if the clothing actually fit us. It will lessen the hassle of exchanging and returning online clothing that don’t fit us. This may be a little too much to ask for but wouldn’t it makes online shopping so much more enjoyable and interesting?

3. An App which will alert us when our favourite boutiques or clothing are having a discount

Who doesn’t like a good discount? And the purpose of having sales is to attract people to visit their store and to grab all the clothing before the boutique start selling at a lost, or even discard them. So, it is a win-win situation isn’t it? The more attention it is given, the better the result of the sales will be.

4. An App that allows us to check the availability of an item in other outlets on the spot 

Have you ever experience a situation when you found something that you absolutely love but only to be told that it is out of stock? Trust me, it is truly devastating. And it becomes such a hassle to check with the other outlets on the availability of that item, oftentimes, sales assistant will have to call every single outlet to check. Oh come on, we are in 2016 and we still have to do that manually? The app should have the ability to reserve the item in another store for at least 24 hours too so we can make our way to the respective outlet to purchase it. It is a win-win situation for the consumers as well as the businesses isn’t it? *wink wink*

5. An App that can produce the drawings of clothing instantly by just talking to it

Think of it like SIRI on iPhone. This app could help to produce sketches or even 3D pictures of a clothing on the spot, without a pen or paper. It will enable designers to pin down those sudden inspirations, no matter where you are (even when you are in the toilet. Haha!) by just talking into the mic of your phone while the app is on. This will save so much time needed to sketch out the whole collection of clothing (and it gives a visual effect to a preliminary idea) and hopefully it can expedite the launch of new batches of clothing.


Well, with the rapid advancement in technology, i guess these will not be difficult to achieve in the near future. Just sit back and be amazed by what technology could do to impact our lives (in a good way i mean). Hopefully technology will not make us become lazier, instead we should fully make use of it to make our lives and work become much more efficient.

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5 reasons why I LOVE Sephora!!

5 reasons why I LOVE Sephora!!

Yes i love Sephora a lot and I am so grateful that they are around (in Singapore too) so I can shop for all the ‘to-die-for’ beauty products at one stop. Therefore, I have decided to share with you girls why I love Sephora so much so you can benefit from Sephora as much as i do! Good things are meant for sharing isn’t it? *wink wink*

1) They have all the beauty products you need

From makeup base, to blusher, to shampoo and many more, you can literally get all the beauty products by just visiting Sephora. And trust me, I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone, and yes, guys are no exception as well (i meant products for guys, not male models)! Whenever there is a need to restock my beauty products, the first place that comes to mind will be Sephora. I usually purchase my Bamboo shampoo, Bamboo conditioner (they are really good for frizzy hair), Benefit’s Porefessional, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and mascara (review here), Urban Decay Concealer, blusher and eyeshadow palette, 3CE lipstick (review here) and many more from Sephora. Shopping in Sephora becomes so much more efficient and convenient when you want to compare and choose a product among all the available and outstanding brands (not to mention their own low-cost Sephora brand as well). All in all, Sephora really provides an effortless shopping experience.

2) You can shop Sephora online now

They have an online store now! Hooray!!!! When you are too lazy or tired to go out and face the world, but your products are running low, this is the time when online shopping comes in handy. Just a few clicks on your laptop and the products are on their way to you, even without you stepping out of your house. The best thing is they offer free shipping as long as you make SGD$40 worth of purchases (which is rather reasonable in exchange for all the precious time needed to travel there and to carry them back). So what are you waiting for? Shop online to beat the crowd now!

3) They know what you need even before you know it

And by that, I mean they bring in brands and products that I didn’t know I would ever need it or be so obsessed with. They are literally educating me on every step of my makeup and beauty routine. I would still be using mascara from Maybelline and shampoo from Watson (not that they are not good, but Sephora offers so much more choices) if I had not been exposed to Sephora. And they are quick to ride onto the Korean wave by offering brands such as 3CE (I love their products so much) in their stores even before I know that it would eventually become a necessity in my makeup routine. Thus, follow them and your beauty necessities will be complete.

4) They have awesome loyalty program

For the Black Sephora card holders (when you have a accumulated spendings of $250), you will get a 10% off (for next purchase) for every $250 spent. You are actually being rewarded for making purchases in their stores. Unlike other loyalty programs, you can actually get instant cash rebates instead of exchanging points for products. It is much easier for shoppers to understand and fully utilise their well deserved benefits. If you don’t have the habit of keeping track of your points, don’t worry, because they will always inform you (if you have the 10% off voucher) on the spot while you are making payment. For more information check out here.

5) They are always armed with product samples 

Well, you may not know this, but they actually have many samples that are placed behind the payment counters which you can request for. I discovered it while i was making payment and randomly ask for any available samples, and i got a mini bareMineral’s foundation. So don’t be afraid to ask for samples because you never know which star products you will get to try. Check out their samples here.



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8 Makeup Products you need to own now!

8 Beauty Products you need to own now!

I have consolidated a list of items that i swear by for my makeup routine. Tried and tested, and these are the few that remained. You should give them a go and let me know if they do wonders for you as well. So, lets get started!

  1. Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette 

8 makeup products to own now!

The best thing about Naked 3 eyeshadow palette is that it is not as flaky as a lot of other brands that i used before. Although, to be honest, it does flake a little when you apply it, but you just have to tap the brush on your hands a few times before applying it on your eyelid and the problem is solved. I do not own a lot of eyeshadow palette (in fact i only own 2) and i tend to use my eyeshadow palette for a long time (lets say around 1 year?). However, every time when i apply it, the colours are still as intense and vivid as when i just bought it. My favourites are the lighter shades towards the left. This palette is great for a light makeup that enhances your eyes.

2.Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Powder Blush 

8 Makeup Products you need to own now!

I only have 1 blusher in my makeup bag and it is this. When i find the right blusher, i stick to it. I believe blusher is the one product that will instantly brightens up your face and it is very important to find the right one. I really like the shades that they offer, and the blusher actually do last 8 hours. I have oily skin, thus to have a product that actually still stick onto my face after all the oil and blotting, is really quite formidable. I am using the shade call SCORE – ‘Medium pink peach with a touch of shimmer’ (that is how they describe it). This shade is suitable for fair to yellowish skin tone as it is not too pinkish nor orangey, but still gives off that natural rosy cheeks.

3. Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist

8 makeup products to own now!

Innisfree green tea mineral mist is really good for your face when you feel that your skin is really dry, or when you need to give your makeup an extra boost after a few hours in the office or under the sun. I carry this in my bag whenever i go, especially when i am traveling. I will spray this on my face once every hour on the airplane just to prevent my face from being dehydrated. Dry skin is a NO-NO for me because it will actually encourage oil secretion on my face. It is available in the 50ml bottle, handy to keep one in your bag and carry it around with you everywhere you go.

4.  Benefit the POREfessional

8 makeup products to own now!

The POREfessional… It rhymes so well. And i hope you get it by now that it is a product specially formulated to tackle pores. There are so many primers in the market now, and you can easily find more than 10 of them just in a single Sephora store. So what is the hype about this POREfessional? Well, i only own 1 primer, and it is this. I swear by it. As i have huge pores, this really helps to smoothen out my skin (creating an illusion), so when i apply my makeup on later, my face will appear much smoother than if i didn’t put it on. I bought the large tube, which is 44ml, and i have been using it for almost 8 months. A tube last a long way. And the best thing is that it didn’t dry up (aka become cakey), or clog my pores. This is my second tube and definitely not my last.

5.  Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme

8 makeup products to own now!

Yes! It is better than false eyelashes. I guess that pretty much sums up my opinion. When i buy mascara, i always go for this. It is the best i have ever used. I tried so many other mascara before this, but the same problem just keeps coming up. Flakiness, cakiness, smudges, these are some of the concerns that i have when i choose my mascara. And this is the only mascara that has not let me down yet. How to use it? Just simply apply the mascara on (on the left), follow by the fiber (on the right) and finally apply the mascara (on the left) again to seal the fiber on your lashes. It is as easy as it sounds, and you will be amazed by the result.

6. Etude House Color My Brows 

8 Makeup Products you need to own now!

Your eyelashes are important, so do your eyebrows. When crafted properly, it can literally transform your face shape. Good eyebrows complete the whole makeup. Thus, it is important that your brows are shaped correctly, if you don’t understand what I’m saying, then google ‘what eyebrow suits different face shape’ and you will get a tonne of answers. Next, you need to have the colour of your eyebrow to be close or nearly similar to your hair colour. Dark eyebrows almost always give off a fierce look, a look that i tend to avoid. And light coloured eyebrows will give you that soft look, but make sure it matches your hair colour. I am using the Natural Brown to match my dark brown hair. If you are unsure of which colour to get, head down to their store and try them on!

7. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

8 Makeup Products you need to own now!

I love this foundation so much! Smooth, easy to apply, natural, and not cakey at all. So much to rave about! First of all, the ingredients that goes into making it is just wonderful. With coconut water, hyaluronic acid, alpine rose, you can be assured that your skin is getting pampered while looking good. Gone are the days where foundation leaves your skin feeling dry and red after applying it. I am using the ‘Ivory’ shade and it blends so well on my skin and neck. One or two pump is sufficient for the whole face. Priced at just USD$39, it is really value for money. Just try it and experience it for yourself.

 8. 3CE Lip Color 

8 Makeup Products you need to own now!

This is a relatively new brand in the Sephora store and i only got to know about this brand a year back on a korean online site. Ever since Sephora bring them in, i knew i wanted to try their lipstick. And to my surprise, their colours are really nice and vivid on my lips. It just reminds me of all the Korean drama that i watched where the actresses will always have their makeup perfectly done and ended off with a bright peach coloured lips (a colour that was still not as popular in Singapore previously). I tried on the colour ‘SCANDAL’ and i instantly falls in love with it. It brightens my face instantly (sounds magical but it is true)! I would say even if you have a tonne of lipsticks in your makeup bag, you still gotta own this colour and please do carry it with you always!


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