#guesstheplace Photo Journey : Singapore

#guesstheplace Photo Journey : Singapore #guesstheplace Photo Journey : Singapore #guesstheplace Photo Journey : Singapore #guesstheplace Photo Journey : Singapore

#guesstheplace ? Oh yes! Guess the place! I am embarking on this journey around Singapore, capturing photos of places that Singaporeans see everyday, but do not realise how photogenic and charming they really are. I want to capture the beauty of Singapore and prove to myself that although Singapore is a ‘man-made’ island that lack all the natural sceneries, (aka mountains, blue ocean, hills… i guess you know what i mean). All the photos above are taken at a specific venue in Singapore and i hope it looks as amazing to you as it looks to me. Sometimes, we just need to appreciate things around us because it is uniquely ours. No one venue on the earth looks exactly the same (in my opinion), therefore, we should really fall in love with them and promote the beauty of our treasures to everyone!

Well, if you still don’t have a clue where this venue is and would really like to know it, I will reveal to you next week! I will show you guys new venues in Singapore from time to time on my blog so do keep up with me!

Follow me on this photo journey around Singapore to discover all these beautiful places in the neighbourhood!

*Dress is from Love Bonito.

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