‘Off the shoulder + Denim shorts + Furla bag’ kinda day

'Off the shoulder + Denim shorts + Furla bag' kinda day

It’s been awhile since i last updated my blog. But no, i haven’t forgotten about my blog! I just started my new job 3 months ago and i have been rather busy lately. However, that did not stop me from trying to enjoy my life and doing massive online shopping to fill up my wardrobe (HAHAHA i don’t really need to actually).

And i think you have already guessed (from my picture) that i went to the Universal Studios Singapore. I was there yesterday and i had a blast! Despite going there the third time, i still enjoyed it a lot. And the best thing was getting to  try out a new ride (aka the puss in boots ride). Well it did look underwhelming from outside, but it was much faster than expected. I mean i did scream a little, but definitely not as bad as the battlestar galactica (i felt giddy just by looking at it from afar, LOL).

'Off the shoulder + Denim shorts + Furla bag' kinda day

Ok let me talk about what i wore yesterday. I was expecting the weather to be really sunny and hot (but it turned out to be cloudy and cooling), thus i decided to go for this navy coloured off the shoulder top from KIN (where they have really cheap and easy-to-match clothing) and a pair of denim lace shorts from Forever 21, matching my outfit with my beloved yellow Furla bag (which i deemed as a great buy from their outlet store in italy, it cost me only SGD$99!!). As comfy is the priority for this trip, i decided to complete my outfit with a pair of sandals from Steve Madden. There you go, a simple and comfy outfit for a day in USS. Definitely not an instagrammable outfit but at least it fits the purpose and still looks acceptable!

To end off, i shall present you a selfie of myself on the Madagascar’s carousel (sitting on Marty). LOL


Off the shoulder top + denim shorts + furla bag

Ciao Ciao!

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My First Blog!

My first postFirst ever post on my blog!

Well, there is nothing fantastic about me, but i do know my fashion. I love love love fashion and shopping, especially online shopping because i get to wear my comfy pyjamas and do some really awesome shopping without being judged by the shopkeeper or public. The feeling of spotting something potential that would instantly transform me into a fashionista just makes my heart race. Usually, *open in new tab* would be the natural action that follows. This pure enjoyment is hard to describe, you either get it or you don’t.

However, for those who don’t, you probably have not spotted that potential piece as yet. No worries for you people! I am honoured to help you filter and spot these “must-have” pieces from the online stores that i love.

I will keep my blog updated with links of clothing pieces that i love and hopefully i can help you transform into a fashionista soon!

Ohya, as i am really into superfood too, i will be posting some healthy treats and juices that are both delicious and fashionably cute to be spotted holding on to. Psst, they will make you look great from inside out too, so why not?

I will be right back.


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