Stella’s Profile

The first thing that comes to my mind when I’m writing this (in a Starbucks with my cup of macchiato by my side, and inhaling in waves of savoury aroma of a heated quiche next to me) was —> ‘Just call me Stella

25 years old and possess 2 years of experience in F&B sales, but eventually got out of it to pursue my passion for Fashion and Writing.

Loves writing about Fashion, Beauty, Travel and everything girly.

Loves styling myself and other people (sometimes in my head).

Loves travelling and am always fully prepared with a suitcase full of clothes for photo taking (to update my instagram. Duh).

Loves food and taking photo of food (because it is trendy. Duh)

Always strive to start each day with positivism and to end the day with more positivism. My philosophy, ‘Negativism s***s’.

If you are looking for someone for styling purposes or fashion/beauty writing, contact me!