That basic tee that you should always have in your wardrobe

TeeIm so excited that the weekend is just around the corner! I seriously can’t wait to put on my new buys from ASOS *i just received it today!*. And one of my new buys is a set of basic tee in 3 different colours, white, black and grey. The ‘must have’ colour for all occasions.

It took me so long to search for that perfect tee that gives off the ‘just chill’ look. I have seen so many bloggers actually pulling off the look of a basic tee with a pair of jeans or a really detailed skirt and it looks so effortlessly chic. However, intense search for that tee took me one whole month, filtering through different online sites and glaring at models pulling off that piece of t shirt wondering if it will have the same effect on my ‘not so perfect’ torso.

However, if you are wondering what I’m talking about, i will explain that right now.

The perfect tee definitely should possess these characteristics;

Loose fithere

Texture to be flowy – here

Length to be a little over the hips (so you can either tuck it in slightly at the front or fully tuck it in and still have allowance to let out a little at the side) – here

Collar to be hanging just right above the bra (not too low but definitely not too high) – here & here

No prints or just slight details, nothing too overwhelming – here

These are definitely some of the characteristics to be looking out for when choosing that basic tee.

However, no matter what you wear, wear it with confidence as it will make you look like a million bucks even though you are not exactly wearing that piece of perfect tee that you are looking for. That is what matters most.

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My First Blog!

My first postFirst ever post on my blog!

Well, there is nothing fantastic about me, but i do know my fashion. I love love love fashion and shopping, especially online shopping because i get to wear my comfy pyjamas and do some really awesome shopping without being judged by the shopkeeper or public. The feeling of spotting something potential that would instantly transform me into a fashionista just makes my heart race. Usually, *open in new tab* would be the natural action that follows. This pure enjoyment is hard to describe, you either get it or you don’t.

However, for those who don’t, you probably have not spotted that potential piece as yet. No worries for you people! I am honoured to help you filter and spot these “must-have” pieces from the online stores that i love.

I will keep my blog updated with links of clothing pieces that i love and hopefully i can help you transform into a fashionista soon!

Ohya, as i am really into superfood too, i will be posting some healthy treats and juices that are both delicious and fashionably cute to be spotted holding on to. Psst, they will make you look great from inside out too, so why not?

I will be right back.


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