What are girls really doing in the changing room?

What are girls really doing in the changing room?

I know what you are going to say, ‘trying on and changing clothes isn’t it?’. Duh. Yeah what a silly question to ask or ponder upon. But interestingly, it is more than that……… Hahaha don’t get me wrong! It is nothing R-rated i swear! Well let me explain and reveal the little secrets of what girls are actually doing in the changing room.

Oh well, I don’t speak for all the girls and it is strictly written based on my experiences as well as some of my fellow girlfriends’. Alright lets begin!

We are busy taking selfies of our ‘new outfit’

Yes we need to know how it will look like when we post on Instagram or Facebook. Makes sense?

We stand in different poses to see how the outfit would look like from different angle

Totally understandable because you wouldn’t want to buy a piece clothing that looks good from the front but horrendous at the back? And it is totally necessary to check how those jeans flatter your butt.

We spend 5 mins staring at the mirror from all angle deciding if we should get it

Sometimes, when the price is way over our budget, but still, we don’t mind getting it (for the sake of wearing that outfit for the brunch on Saturday), thus we are going to make sure if it is really worth our money (aka excuses for ourselves). At least we are not buying on impulse, we did thought through it first! Haha.

We tweet/text our outfit to our friends or boyfriend asking for opinions

Yes i do that a lot. Sometimes you just need a second opinion (or third) and the best option is to text them. This is to ensure that you are making a conscious decision and not doing an impulse buying! Some mirror just makes our outfit or body looks so much better than they really are (make you look taller and slimmer), thus, second opinion is a must!

We check our makeup (close up) and reapply when necessary

This is the perfect opportunity to check if our mascara smudged, or our if our lipstick desperately need to be reapplied. It is always comforting to know that nobody is judging or looking at you while you are doing that.

We check our messages or answer a call

Just in case our bosses or customer are looking for us, thus, always check your phone even when you are in the changing room (who knows how long you will need). Reply and answer when necessary. #responsibleemployee

We re-adjust our hair (flip it back and forth, re-tie when needed)

Our hair are bound to get messy after all that changing and it is totally necessary to fix our hair before going out to face the world. Well i must admit we do ‘flip’ our hair so we look better in the outfit.

We check out our cellulite and back view

I am amazed how the lighting of the changing room alway show how severe my cellulite actually are. Well i just want to make sure my efforts at the gym are being paid off.

Hogging the changing room while discussing about their outfit with friends (who are in the room next to them)

I am guilty of that too. But this action is definitely unpleasant to other girls who are in the queue waiting for their turn too. So do not hog the changing room!

Standing or siting inside the changing room blankly just wondering if that piece of clothing is worth buying

Yes we need some time to think about it before walking to the cashier. So what is a better time than thinking about it in the changing room?

Take off and wear back our shoes

It is just impossible to try on those jeans with shoes on. Same applies with shorts and skirts.


I have to emphasize once again that i DO NOT speak for all the girls and these are just my opinions. Im sure some girls just purely enter the changing room to try on clothes and get out as soon as they are done. However, if you are not one of them, do let me know if there are other things that you do in the changing room other than the ones i pointed out! Have fun shopping!

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Why are your customers not checking out at the cashier? – Retail Stores

Why are your customers not checking out at the cashier? - Retail Stores

Hi! I bet you click on my post because you want to understand how consumers think before they make that major move to queue at the cashier to make payment. Or probably you are just interested to know what I’m thinking before i make my way to the cashier. Either way, i am going to present some reasons why your customers are not buying as much as they ought to be. I am definitely not some professional market researcher who did months or years of research before writing this, but am just a 25 year old shopaholic who have almost 20 years of shopping experience (i guess it is good enough?). I am writing this down because i tend to experience all these situations (which market research will not tell you) that often led me to walk out of the store empty handed. I can be one of the most ‘unwilling-to-checkout’ customer around and stores rarely get to earn my money. But why? Have you ever wondered why your items are not moving as quickly as you thought they should be? Sometimes the problem is not about the products, but EVERYTHING ELSE!  And I’m going to tell you why…….

Long queue at the cashier 

Yes that is a major turn off. Have you ever wanted to buy that pretty necklace or just a pen but decided to put it back after looking at the queue? Yes i have done that many times. I just don’t understand why wouldn’t they open up more cashier when they see a long queue. Isn’t receiving payment the most important step of a retail store?

Just too lazy to pay for 1 item

Well, let me explain that. When i enter a store and have the urge to spend money there, but only to realise that i couldn’t find more than 1 item that i want to pay for, i would just simply put the item back and hope that it will still be around the next time i go back for other item. It is just laziness taking over. I don’t know why but it do happen to me quite a lot.

It is a WANT, not a NEED

Guilt is taking over in this case. Of course, there are many items that are reasonably priced and look like something that i would absolutely NEED in my house, but seriously, i really don’t need them. The thought of spending that $10 on a unicorn pen that looks too adorable to say NO, but still totally unnecessary (when i can get a pen at $1) often put me in a difficult position. This is the time where i will randomly stroll around the store to consider the pros and cons of buying it (e.g. I could use that $10 to buy 10 soft cone from McDonalds, isn’t it so much more worth it than buying that unicorn pen?), often ending up returning the item back to the original place and walk out of the store empty handed.

No available cash in the wallet 

I don’t usually keep a lot of cash in my wallet, in fact, i only withdraw $20 from the ATM each time so i would not overspend. I have the perfect example to describe this. Last Friday, i was shopping at H&M where i saw this adorable necklace which is priced at $2.90 (like OMG it is so cheap!), and without any hesitation i proceeded to the cashier, only to realise that i have $0 in my wallet (except for a mere $0.50 coin). It is way too embarrassing to use NETS or credit card to pay for it (i don’t think it is possible anyway). Thus, i headed out of the store empty handed again.

Sizes are out of stock 

I really don’t get this, why are sizes S or M always sold out for the great looking pieces? Didn’t the purchasing team do up a graph or evaluation of any sort to know that they need to order more of sizes S & M for their clothing? Does the purchasing team ever realise that sizes XS,L or XL or usually the ones left hanging at the discount section? I bet the sales would be so much better if majority of the clothing were not out of stock.

Long queue at the changing room

This is another major turn off. Whenever there is a visibly long queue at the changing room, i will most likely end up exiting the store without any purchases. And it is not difficult to know why. Because queueing up for changing room really do waste a lot of time (time needed to go to another store or to have a coffee break etc during a shopping trip). Risky purchases made without trying on the clothing is really not advisable. Thus, there goes your customers.

Store is too crowded

When there are too many people in the store, it is just undesirable to go in. The idea of playing fastest fingers with other customers (aka grabbing the clothes of my size) does not appeal to me at all. Just imagine how long the queue for the changing room would be.

Being intimidated by the store assistant

It’s been too many times. They either stand at the door and stare at you, or they simply follow you around the store (wherever you go). It is really uncomfortable to know that someone is constantly eyeing you and looking at every move you make. It just makes my movement become so unnatural. There are also some store assistant who don’t even acknowledge your existence at all and it is simply too rude to make me want to spend at the store. I guess store assistants really need to find that balance between being too cold or too hot to the customers.

Music is too loud

Why is it necessary to have the music blasting in the store? I would have thought that i entered a club if i were to walk in with my eyes closed. The best way to get out of that situation is not to enter the store at all. Which means $0 sales earned.

Items are just too messy

Just the thought of having clothes all cramped up and stuck together on the rack turns me off instantly. It takes great effort to dig out something from that mess and just makes the whole shopping experience turns bad. It destroys the image of the store and most probably get lesser sales in return as well.

There are better deals online

With the advancement of technology, customers could just look up at the exact same items online at their fingertips.  It is not hard to know why more customers are checking out on online stores instead. With many having ongoing discount and coupon code available, it may be cheaper to buy clothing online (with other merchant).

Not enough mirrors

Mirrors are needed to allow customers to have a ‘summary’ of how the piece of clothing or accessories will look on their body. The lack of mirror would only led to an increase frustration (the customer will need to carry that piece of clothing and walk to the other end of the store for the mirror only to walk back so that she can choose her size). Many stores are replacing the space of mirrors for more product placement, but there is an adverse effect to it. The lack of mirror also means that all the customers would have to queue or fight for a spot in front of the mirror.  

Unreachable product placement 

It is interesting as to why some stores would put their items high up (where no one who is below 180cm could reach) in the store. Is it mean for giants to purchase? Well, this just makes it more difficult for customers to purchase or try them (if that is what they want).

Brought the wrong size into the changing room

I have underestimated my clothing size too many times, but too shy (or too naked) to walk all the way to the front (and the thought of facing the whole line of people in the queue) to ask for any assistance. Thus, i would usually just buy other that fit. Potential lost of sales again.

Boyfriend issues

Bringing boyfriend out for a shopping trip is such a hassle! They would constantly hasten you (while you are trying on clothes) and make you expedite the whole buying process. Thus, you will miss out on chances of checking out some items in the store. I guess they should have a ‘Heineken’ section to babysit them while we take our time to enjoy the shopping process.


There you go. These are some of the reasons why i don’t checkout at the store (other than the product being too expensive). Many store owners would have missed out on these points when they are doing their evaluation, but these points really do play a major role in the buying process. Although the price and quality of the product matters too, the experience of being in the physical store could potentially affect a person on a psychological scale (into buying or not buying) and it should not be taken lightly if you want to increase your monthly revenue.



From an opinionated shopaholic

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5 reasons why I LOVE Sephora!!

5 reasons why I LOVE Sephora!!

Yes i love Sephora a lot and I am so grateful that they are around (in Singapore too) so I can shop for all the ‘to-die-for’ beauty products at one stop. Therefore, I have decided to share with you girls why I love Sephora so much so you can benefit from Sephora as much as i do! Good things are meant for sharing isn’t it? *wink wink*

1) They have all the beauty products you need

From makeup base, to blusher, to shampoo and many more, you can literally get all the beauty products by just visiting Sephora. And trust me, I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone, and yes, guys are no exception as well (i meant products for guys, not male models)! Whenever there is a need to restock my beauty products, the first place that comes to mind will be Sephora. I usually purchase my Bamboo shampoo, Bamboo conditioner (they are really good for frizzy hair), Benefit’s Porefessional, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and mascara (review here), Urban Decay Concealer, blusher and eyeshadow palette, 3CE lipstick (review here) and many more from Sephora. Shopping in Sephora becomes so much more efficient and convenient when you want to compare and choose a product among all the available and outstanding brands (not to mention their own low-cost Sephora brand as well). All in all, Sephora really provides an effortless shopping experience.

2) You can shop Sephora online now

They have an online store now! Hooray!!!! When you are too lazy or tired to go out and face the world, but your products are running low, this is the time when online shopping comes in handy. Just a few clicks on your laptop and the products are on their way to you, even without you stepping out of your house. The best thing is they offer free shipping as long as you make SGD$40 worth of purchases (which is rather reasonable in exchange for all the precious time needed to travel there and to carry them back). So what are you waiting for? Shop online to beat the crowd now!

3) They know what you need even before you know it

And by that, I mean they bring in brands and products that I didn’t know I would ever need it or be so obsessed with. They are literally educating me on every step of my makeup and beauty routine. I would still be using mascara from Maybelline and shampoo from Watson (not that they are not good, but Sephora offers so much more choices) if I had not been exposed to Sephora. And they are quick to ride onto the Korean wave by offering brands such as 3CE (I love their products so much) in their stores even before I know that it would eventually become a necessity in my makeup routine. Thus, follow them and your beauty necessities will be complete.

4) They have awesome loyalty program

For the Black Sephora card holders (when you have a accumulated spendings of $250), you will get a 10% off (for next purchase) for every $250 spent. You are actually being rewarded for making purchases in their stores. Unlike other loyalty programs, you can actually get instant cash rebates instead of exchanging points for products. It is much easier for shoppers to understand and fully utilise their well deserved benefits. If you don’t have the habit of keeping track of your points, don’t worry, because they will always inform you (if you have the 10% off voucher) on the spot while you are making payment. For more information check out here.

5) They are always armed with product samples 

Well, you may not know this, but they actually have many samples that are placed behind the payment counters which you can request for. I discovered it while i was making payment and randomly ask for any available samples, and i got a mini bareMineral’s foundation. So don’t be afraid to ask for samples because you never know which star products you will get to try. Check out their samples here.



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