Kate Spade : 5 Must-Have Bags for Spring

Have you checked out the new range of bags from Kate Spade yet? If you have not, now is the time! And did i mention that they recently collaborated with Disney too (Kate Spade + Mickey and Minnie)? OH EM GEE yes i know you want to see it as much as i do because who don’t love Disney right? Ok i should just stop talking and get started with the bags!!


Kate Spade : 5 Must-Have Bags for Spring

How did Kate Spade know that i always wanted a teddy bear bag? It is so incredibly cute! It really exceeded my every expectations of a teddy bear bag. Who knew bringing a teddy bear out could look so fashionable. Definitely a spring must-have, and I’m sure it will fit into your spring outfit perfectly. And it is so instagrammable! Im definitely saying YES to the bear.


Kate Spade : 5 Must-Have Bags for Spring

Kate Spade, you really do know what girls need even before they mention it! (Thank you for that!) Carousel is every girls’ favourite at the amusement park and now we can carry it with us everywhere we want. This bag is so fun and is great to match with a pair of high waisted jeans and wedges. It is not too kiddish, with just the right amount of detail. OH-SO-CHIC! I think i really need one!


Kate Spade : 5 Must-Have Bags for Spring

A peanut (or popcorn) basket? Checked. Black and white stripes? Checked. Gold handle? Checked. OH-SO-CHIC again! Dammnnnnnn Kate Spade. I guess i really need it as well! Just imagine carrying it to your garden party with your besties. The perfect fun bag for the afternoon.


Kate Spade : 5 Must-Have Bags for Spring

Kate Spade + Minnie. That is what I’m talking about! You did it again Kate Spade. I do need a evening clutch for dinner and isn’t it so much fun to bring one that comes with the Minnie iconic bow? Time travel back to my childhood. Just simply in love with this clutch.


Kate Spade : 5 Must-Have Bags for Spring

Alright, to simmer down the bag-citement for this post, let me bring back the iconic Kate Spade bag that is sweet, feminine and subtle. This is the perfect bag for Spring, featuring the Pantone colour of the year; Rose Quartz. A perfect spring time favourite and so easy to match with all your spring outfit. It will go so well with lace and floral dresses (current trend for Spring) and just the right size to fit your iPhone and wallet.

I am loving Kate Spade’s spring collection and I hope you do as well! Kate Spade can really read a girl’s mind!

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Spring Outfit : Inspiration #1

Spring Outfit : Inspiration #1

The long awaited spring is just around the corner. This season is all about floral. Thus, it is the time to wear lots of floral tops, dresses and skirts. Pair your floral top with a casual shorts and a pair of super comfy and chic sneakers. Give your outfit an oomph by carrying this Jean gold glitter strip clutch by Edie Parker and you are good to go! Finally, lets not forget about that fedora to shield us from all the UV rays (but seriously, it is just to make us look extra cute). Just click on the link below to shop!

Rag & Bone Leather Band Wide Brim Fedora

Ally Printed Floral Cami

Robert Clergerie Raffia Platform Sneaker

Faith Connexion Tie-Sleeve Shirt Canvas Skirt

Edie Parker Jean Gold Glitter Stripe Clutch

Fine Jaded Bangle Set

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Top Fashion Trends of Spring 2016!!

Top Fashion Trends of Spring 2016!!

I am getting excited and all ready for Chinese New Year that is approaching in just a few more days (3 more days to be exact)! Just the thought of the sumptuous meals and snacks is already enough to make me salivates, it is definitely a joyous occasion for everyone. As Chinese New Year approaches, it also signifies that spring is approaching. Gone with the cold and harsh winter and comes with the cooling weather. Spring is all about flowers, colours and more colours! It is definitely my favourite season of all. I love to embrace all the bright colours like yellow because it just fits right into the sunny Singapore! Thus get ready to put aside your black, grey and dark coloured clothing as it is time to introduce some floral and colours into your wardrobe (or just simply sell them away on Carousell).

But do you know exactly what are the must-have items for Spring 2016?  Oh well, i have a guide for you here (it’s time to get all dolled up for spring!) So what are we waiting for, lets get started!

  • Rose Quartz and Serenity Colour

Rose Quartz and Serenity colours have been seen widely on the runways and major fashion brands since November last year after it has been announced the colour of the year 2016. It being a first to having 2 colours for the colour of the year is rather special and intriguing . The significant meaning behind this occurrence is to promote equality in the world, be it gender or race or other aspects, it is seen as a movement to encourage the minimisation of the gap between inequalities. This is actually a very beautiful and meaningful effort.

Among all the black and grey clothing in stores this season, you can often see a few pieces of rose quartz and serenity  coloured clothing popping up. I love how it actually slip its way into being one of the colour of Spring 2016. The soft and graceful look of these 2 colours fits right into the Valentine season too (the season of love). My current favourite is this Floral Bralet from Bardot. Just imagine how pretty your Instagram photos will be with you wearing a Rose Quartz or Serenity coloured outfit, standing infront of an endless bed of spring flowers. I know it will look amazing!

  • Lace, Lace and more Lace

There are lace everywhere (from clothing to bags to shoes) this season and it is sometimes too much for my wallet to handle! I have so much love for lace because they are so romantic and soft and sexy at the same time. If  you shun away from lace thinking that it reminds you of wedding dresses or that they are too dressy for casual days, you are definitely wrong! The lace this season shouts boho chic, making a resort getaway in Bali almost a need more than a want for Spring 2016. My current obsession is Fortune Baby Doll Dress by Jen’s Pirate Booty (love that the lace is hand drawn and it is in black!). Lace just gives off that romantic feel and almost always makes your outfit resort ready. Definitely a must-have for Spring 2016.

  • Skinny scarf

OH EM GEE. Who would have known that the skinny scarf can be so chic and hot? Ever since i saw Gigi Hadid wearing one of those black skinny scarf with a basic top and a killer pair of jeans, i know that this is what i gotta have for spring 2016. It has become an obsession of mine to own one of them in both black and nude colour! Before acknowledging this trend outburst, i saw plenty of skinny scarf in Zara Barcelona. Thinking of it now, I constantly regret not buying it back then! Skinny scarf can instantly makes your boring outfit appears sassy and chic. How amazing is that?! And yes it is still not too late to get them now before the trend dies off. The great thing is that you can purchase them at ASOS for as low as SGD$11 (they are having a major price down). I would say gotta have 1 and gotta have it fast!

I hope that i have given you some inspiration as to where you should spend that ang pow money of yours! Being trendy can be inexpensive, all you gotta do is to look out for good deals constantly and check back for my updates on where to get them!

I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous year ahead!

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